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Volt: 19V/3.16A Watts: 60W Connector Pin type: 5.5 mm x 3.0 mm with pin inside, Pin Type: 3pin/2pin Compatible Models : NP200 NP400 Q320 NP-Q320 NT-Q320 Q322 NP-Q322 NT-Q322 Q428 NP-Q428 NT-Q428 R423 R428 R429 R430 R431 R439 R440 R458 R460 R462 R463 R464 R465 R466 R467 R468 R469 R470 R522 R478 R480 RC410 RC420 RC425 RF411 RV408 RV410 RV508 Q330 QX310 Q230 Q318 P428 P230 X330 X331 X430 X431 SF410 SF311 SF310 Samsung Sens 820, 680, 850, 630 R480 R522 R530,R720 R780 RC720 R518H R519 R520 R520H R522 R522H R525 R580 R59 R620 R718 R720 R780 RC720, RF510 RV409e RV509 465H 470H P530 Q428 R418 ,NP-RC410 RC420 RC425S RC510 RC520 R440, NP355V5C-S05IN, NP355E5X-A01IN, NP5355V5C-S06IN ,NP300E5E | NP300E5E-A02US +Power Cord Free Compatiblity Part Number : 504030-015, 504030-016, AA-PA0N90W/E, AA-PA0N90W/UK, AD-6019, AD-6019(V) AD-6019A, AD-6019R, AD-8019, AD-9019S, AP11AD002, API1AD02 SAM-AA-PA0N90W, SAM-SPA-X10, SPA-690E/E, SPA-690E/UK, SPA-830E/EUR, SPA-830E/UK SPA-A10E/E, SPA-A10E/UK, SPA-P30, SPA-P30E, SPA-P30E/E, SPA-P30E/UK SPA-T10/UK, SPA-T10E/EUR, SPA-V20E/E, SPA-V20E/UK, SPA-X10, SPA-X10/E SPA-X10/UK High Quality Adapter with 1 Year SIMMTRONICS Warranty, Off Site Warrany- Customer will Need to send the Defected Product To the company service center
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