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Lenovo 15.6 INCH ORIGINAL LAPTOP BACKPACK (BLACK) Waterproof Backpack


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Carry your laptop with much more safety and ease with Lenovo 15.6″ Backpack. It weighs 660 grams and comes in black colour, giving it an elegant look. This backpack features double padded shoulder straps to add convenience while carrying your laptop. The Lenovo backpack is compatible with almost all kinds of laptop with a display up to 15.6-inch. Apart from taking the laptop, you can use it for different storage purposes as well. Now you don’t have to worry about frequent weather changes as the Lenovo Backpack is made of durable polyester material, making it water resistant. You can also wash it time to time or wipe off dust particles with a soft sponge which will enhance the life and durability of this backpack.


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