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Luminous Pro 600 UPS

Manufacturer: LUMINOUS
Vendor: DTS4U
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Luminous LB600PRO - 600VA/360W UPS System – An Ideal Power Protection for Home Office, Electronics at Best Value for Money

  • Luminous - India’s Leading Brand for Power Protection Devices
  • LB600PRO is Line interactive UPS with a load capacity of 600VA//360W
  • Micro Controller Based Design with Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Smart Charge + Intelligent Continuous Charging
  • Wide Input Voltage Window of 140V-300V, Suitable for Indian Power Condition
  • Generator Compatible
  • Cold Start Capability Allows PC to Boot on Battery
  • Fire Resistance Capability
  • No Load Shutdown Prevents Battery Deep Discharge*

Luminous by Schneider Electric is a Leading Indian Brand for Power Protection Devices and provides High Quality, Best Value for Money products for your critical applications. Luminous LB600PRO is loaded with state-of-the-art features that deliver continuous power supply and protect your computer and peripherals from power surges, drop in line voltage, brownouts, blackouts and other critical hazards. Smart Charge and Intelligent Continuous Charging Technology ensure longer battery life and faster charging. The entire range of Luminous Line-interactive UPS Systems is generator compatible and equipped with built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator which not only protects connected equipment but lets it run even when line voltage is too low or too high. At Luminous the onus is to empower you to protect your data and enable you to keep working without any hassle during unscheduled power outages.

Value For Money

India’s Leading Brand with Best in Quality and Value for Money. Luminous is a leading Indian consumer brand with high-quality products suitable for the Indian environment.

Power Continuity delivered

Designed to deliver uninterrupted power supply to Home Office, Home Entertainment Systems, Desktop/PC, Routers/Modems, CCTV etc.

Built-in Voltage Regulator

Equipped with a built-in voltage regulator to protect connected equipment and run without interruptions even when voltage is too high or low. Suitable for India’s erratic power condition, ideal for switching loads between the main power supply and generators

Loaded For Productivity

Loaded with state-of-the-art features like Smart Charge and Intelligent Continuous Charing Technology to ensure connectivity without disruptions

Disruptions Unnoticed, Work Uninterrupted

Continue to work without hassles not only in the event of an unexpected power outage but also during low or high voltage fluctuations.

Long Battery Life

Longer battery life and faster charging to protect your data and systems

Boot On Battery

Cold start capability allows your PC to Boot on battery.

Attribute nameAttribute value
Batteries RequiredYes
Batteries IncludedYes
Type of BatteryLithium Polymer
Charging Tiime4 Hours
Lithium Battery Energy Content4 Watt Hours
Number Of Batteries/Cells1
Item Weight4 kg
Warranty2 Years