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Laptops & Computers Services

Computer hardware repair

₹ 500.00 incl tax ₹ 250.00 incl tax

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. Although we make an effort to keep our computers glitch-free and in perfect condition, computer repair and maintenance activities are inevitable.

Laptop heating problem

₹ 590.00 incl tax ₹ 490.00 incl tax

Overheating is one most common problems with a laptop. Overheating can cause the hard disk to crash, resulting in loss of all the precious data in the laptop.

Laptop charger or adapter repair

₹ 500.00 incl tax ₹ 340.00 incl tax

Is the laptop that you’re using your only / main computer? If yes, then you ought to be extra careful with your laptop’s charger, especially if you are heavily dependent on a computer for most of your work.

Laptop battery problem

₹ 1,750.00 incl tax ₹ 1,540.00 incl tax

The phrase ‘One size fits all’ doesn’t fit well with laptops. Laptop batteries are designed and manufactured exclusively for every laptop model and make.

Printer or scanner repair

₹ 550.00 incl tax ₹ 340.00 incl tax

Common problems with printer are printer not printing, paper jamming, printer taking too long to print, printed text looking lousy etc. Scanners have their own set of problems. Just book a case and let our experts resolve the issue for you.

Motherboard repair

₹ 1,200.00 incl tax ₹ 990.00 incl tax

Motherboard is undeniably the most important of a computer. Without it, the system wouldn’t even start. After all, it houses the processor and all the circuits responsible for communication between the systems.

Data backup and restore

₹ 600.00 incl tax ₹ 490.00 incl tax

The most – and probably only – effective way to avoid losing data during a hard drive crash is to retrieve data from a previously created backup. Let our Pros help you in creating a backup today!

Printer cartridge refill

₹ 450.00 incl tax ₹ 299.00 incl tax

Printers help us bring those colorful pictures, documents and other presentations to life by printing a hard copy of the files. But no matter how good a printer be, the end quality and production of the prints depends upon the quality of printer cartridge.

Software or anti virus installation

₹ 650.00 incl tax ₹ 490.00 incl tax

There are tons of software and anti-virus available in the market today available at a wide range of prices. But don’t let their cheap prices and insane offers trick you into purchasing the wrong or incompatible software/ product for your computer.

Computer Repair

₹ 350.00 incl tax ₹ 290.00 incl tax

Desktops and PCs can malfunction due to issues such as hardware failure or internal software issues such as operating system crash, viruses, spyware, malicious infections etc. Just book a case to get fast and reliable desktop and PC repair services at home.

Laptop Demo and Setup

₹ 650.00 incl tax ₹ 450.00 incl tax

Bought a new Laptop? Need help in understanding all the new features or first time setup of your Laptop? Our expert Pros are trained on all the latest technologies and features used by laptop manufacturers, and will be happy to walk you through your product so you can get the most out of it.