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Cooler Master MPW4502 ACABW-IN 450 Watts PSU SMPS

For Desktop
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  • Meeting the 80 plus certification for 230V, the MWE will guarantee a typical efficiency of at least 85 percentage during normal use
  • MWE consumes less then 0.5 watt when your system is in standby mode, which not only reduces strain on the environment but also your energy bill
  • Engineered to operate normally at 40 dgrees, providing added security and reliabilty to system operating in warm conditions
  • Quiet and durable, Proven Thermal Resistance, the thermally controlled 120mm HDB fan operates smoothly without friction, enjoy your system with a durable fan in a quiet environment
  • Damage resistant, the MWE provides you full standard protection (OVP/SCP/OPP) plus built-in over temperature protection (OTP), these extra security measures minimize the risk of damage to your system from power outages