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Appliances Repair and Services

More about General home appliances repair

Some appliances, such as refrigerator, require immediate attention as they keep our food cool and fresh and are a necessity of every household. Our home appliance repair service covers all kinds of repairing and maintenance related problems with your home appliances.

Geyser leakage problem

₹ 250.00 incl tax ₹ 199.00 incl tax

A geyser water leakage problem may occur as a minor plumbing issue, but if left unchecked, can quickly transform into a major one. The constant dripping water may even damage your floors, bring about sprout molds or can be a symptom to a much larger problem.

Geyser Demo and Setup

₹ 199.00 incl tax

Bought a new Geyser? Need help in understanding all the new features or first time setup for your new geyser? Our expert Pros are trained on all the latest technologies and features used by geyser manufacturers, and will be happy to walk you through your product so you can get the most out of it.

General home appliances repair

₹ 400.00 incl tax ₹ 300.00 incl tax

We are surrounded by appliances in our homes. They are constantly under use and make our lives more than just easier. But over time, and with regular use, they tend to breakdown or malfunction.

DTH Installation

₹ 500.00 incl tax ₹ 350.00 incl tax

We offers the fastest DTH installation services across Delhi NCR. If you are tired waiting for company assigned executives to install your DTH, Our Pros can come to you in a mere couple of hours and complete the job.

Microwave not working

₹ 400.00 incl tax ₹ 300.00 incl tax

The main reason for this is a blown magnetron. In microwaves, they can generally go dead, usually with a popping sound. Get your microwave repaired by the best Pros today!

Microwave does not heat

₹ 400.00 incl tax ₹ 300.00 incl tax

Microwave not heating food is a commonly occurring issue. A microwave transfers heat to food items through a process called ‘Microwave Convection’. Rectifying this problem is fairly simple and quick.

Microwave glass plate not spinning

₹ 500.00 incl tax ₹ 390.00 incl tax

If your microwave’s glass plate is not spinning, chances are the motor below the glass plate is burned out.

Microwave buttons not working

₹ 400.00 incl tax ₹ 300.00 incl tax

When your microwave’s buttons are not working, it’s practically impossible to tune your microwave settings. The buttons are responsible for turning the microwave on and off, setting the temperature, timer etc.

Microwave display not working

₹ 1,200.00 incl tax ₹ 990.00 incl tax

Unless you have mastered your microwave’s settings and functionality, you cannot operate it without the display. It’s difficult to prepare anything with your microwave when the display is not working or unclear.

Microwave sparking problem

₹ 400.00 incl tax ₹ 290.00 incl tax

Sparking inside microwave while heating is a serious issue and should be repaired immediately. There is a wave guide cover over the magnetron, sometimes food particles stick to its surface and get burned.